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Caracas court issues arrest warrant for Jose Yusuf Boutros, owner of Caldi Cafe

Caracas court issues arrest warrant for Jose Yusuf Boutros, owner of Caldi Cafe

The Public Ministry has achieved a major victory in the fight against organized crime in Venezuela. Jose Youssef Boutrosknown as the “multiple con artist of Caracas”, where the order was finally issued for his arrest. A Caracas court issued the arrest warrant for fraud, money laundering and criminal association.

Initially considered a star informant in the PDVSA-Cripto conspiracy, Boutros managed to evade justice while continuing his fraudulent scheme. Despite six open investigations into fraud and money laundering, the accused continued to operate freely, using cryptocurrencies and fraudulent structures to deceive his victims, according to judicial sources he had access to. Alberto News.

The method of work

Boutros’ sophisticated scheme used the popular Caldi’s Café stores as a front. According to the court filing, he promised his victims 20% interest per month on alleged investments in goods and services. The fraudulent network led by the defendants ensnared judges, prosecutors and officials of the Criminal Investigation Commission (CICPC), who in turn made it easier for Boutros to evade investigations by the Public Prosecution Service. However, this network of accomplices could not prevent justice from eventually being served.

According to the Public Prosecution’s estimates, the value of property damage in this case amounts to 6 million US dollars, including stolen capital, unpaid interest, and real estate seized without its owner and/or rightful owner.

Among Boutros’s many accomplices in his criminal activities, according to the court file, were his closest relatives, including his brothers, and his employers. Suarez Padron and Rorceres Anellis CalzadillaThe network of family complicity was essential in perpetuating his crimes and evading justice to date.

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Jose Youssef Boutros is expected to be arrested in the next few hours and placed under the control of the competent surveillance court. This arrest is seen as a victory for the victims of his long-standing fraudulent operations.