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Can I charge a commission on card payments?

According to the National Committee for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (condosve)And Shipping commission Credit or debit card users are not allowed when making a purchase, however, some establishments do.

In the case of institutions that charge this type of fee, which ranges from 3% to 5% of the total value of the purchase or service, they do so to cover the commission costs for using a bank terminal and thus are able to pay the costs with the collection of A committee Card payment to the customer.

But, in contracts, it is established that additional fees are to be paid by the company and not by the customer.

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Can I charge a commission on a credit or debit card payment?

So far the legislation does not prevent companies from charging fees A committee For customers paying by card, however, in the contract signed by the institution, it was specified that the additional fee should be paid by the company and not by the customer.

Although it cannot legally proceed, a complaint can be lodged directly with the banking institution that granted the point of sale (POS), and it will be if you decide to cancel the service to the company.

Condusef fee commission

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If they charge you a commission for card payments…

The condos Recommend to file a complaint directly with the government entity and the financial institution to which the institution is a client.

If you file a complaint, you must indicate the information of the organization where you were charged for a A committee Additional, so that organizations can take necessary actions, such as withdrawing peripheral devices from work due to violation of contract terms.

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