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Camino Budas Ruiz, from IES León Felipe, has been selected for the Social Sciences and Humanities Campus in Syria

Camino Budas Ruiz, from IES León Felipe, has been selected for the Social Sciences and Humanities Campus in Syria

In recognition of his outstanding academic performance. Ruiz Wedding Roada student at IES León Felipe de Benavente, was selected to participate in the prestigious ceremony “Campus for Deepening the Social and Human Sciences”Which will be held in Syria from July 3 to 11. This selection highlights Camino as one of the most outstanding students, reflecting her dedication and effort in academics.

The main goal of the Deep Campus of Social Sciences and Humanities is to foster students’ interest in the social sciences and humanities from a practical and experiential perspective. This event seeks to enrich students’ knowledge through a range of training and entertainment activities, creating an ideal environment for learning and coexistence.

During the nine-day campus, participants will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse and enriching programme. Activities are designed to promote deep and applied understanding of the social sciences and humanities, allowing students to explore these disciplines in innovative and collaborative ways. This hands-on approach not only reinforces theoretical concepts learned in the classroom, but also inspires students to develop new skills and perspectives.

Ruiz Wedding Road

In addition to training activities, the campus places great emphasis on coexistence between students from different backgrounds. This aspect is essential, because it encourages the exchange of culture and ideas, and enriches the educational and personal experience of each participant. Living in a diverse and stimulating environment helps students develop their social skills and create networks of friendship and cooperation that last beyond campus.

Camino Bodas Ruiz’s participation in this event is a reflection of her commitment and passion for knowledge. Her selection is an honor not only for her, but also for her family and her educational center, IES León Felipe de Benavente, who see her as a role model for other students. This achievement is another step in his promising academic and professional career.

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The Social Sciences and Humanities Campus in Syria promises to be a transformative experience for all participants, combining training, fun and coexistence in an unparalleled environment. We are confident that Camino will make the most of this opportunity and continue to excel in her academic journey.

Hence, we congratulate Camino Budas Ruiz on his well-deserved selection and wish him success in this rich educational experience.