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Businessmen admit to Sheinbaum the flaws in the judicial system;  They ask not to make a mistake in the repair

Businessmen admit to Sheinbaum the flaws in the judicial system; They ask not to make a mistake in the repair

Francisco Cervantes Díaz, President of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), emphasized that there is a coincidence to address and discuss constitutional reforms, including the constitutional reforms proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which have flaws.

“The failures in the judicial system, which no one can deny, seriously undermine harmonious coexistence. We know this and confirm it every day, and for this reason we have no room for mistakes,” the businessman declared to Claudia Shimbaum Pardo, the country’s president. Mexico national team.

“We agree to publicly address the proposed constitutional reform agenda, including reform of the judiciary, because as I had the opportunity to say to the President recently, legal certainty is essential to continuing to build a country that is truly fair for workers, entrepreneurs and young people.” “People who see the future with hope, for women “They demand to live with peace of mind,” commented the director, in front of more than 500 businessmen and women at a meeting with Sheinbaum.

Businessmen and women from Mexico said they are offering their experience and vision to build encounters from this transitional period.

The meeting with Claudia Shimbaum was attended by businessmen and women at the highest level from various economic, financial, commercial, industrial sectors and associations, in addition to figures representing icons of the private sector in Mexico.

Diplomatic representatives and representatives of the international community who maintain relations and business in Mexico also arrived.

“We, businessmen and women, want to establish with you over the next six years a relationship based on certainty about the future, the unity of all Mexicans, as well as trust,” Cervantes Díaz said.

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The business sector representative considered that with confidence, certainty and unity, Sheinbaum will be able to count on his support and recognition for his leadership and government, as Mexico is going through a phase full of very important opportunities.

“Every election is a clear mandate from Mexicans. In these elections, the community spoke out, without discrimination, in favor of continuing the social policy and supporting the shared prosperity program I proposed to promote the development of our country.

The clear electoral result shows that Mexico is a fundamentally united country, with tremendous power that unites its people territorially, demographically and socially, and ready to work together to move forward, the CCE president added.

“Since the last presidential election, the mandate given to the people of Mexico to address their most visible social needs has been clear,” he noted.

He added that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assumed this mandate with exemplary determination and a deep passion for Mexico.

“During his government, it is fair to acknowledge, the President has always listened carefully and openly to sensitive issues and initiatives from the business sector,” he said.

He added that through dialogue they always sought progress for Mexicans, and also worked as one team and promoted historic initiatives, such as the significant increase in salaries in the country.

He also emphasized that the Executive Branch’s push for the USMCA and free trade was highly relevant.

“With President López Obrador, we have begun an era of development with an emphasis on social commitment, Dr. Chimbón, with you as the next President of Mexico, the Business Coordinating Council ratifies its willingness to continue working with social sensitivity, and at the same time, Francisco Cervantes Díaz concluded his speech by saying:

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