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Bright meteor crosses the sky of Puerto Rico

Bright meteor crosses the sky of Puerto Rico

A bright meteor, illuminating the clouds, crossed different areas of Puerto Rico around 11:45 p.m. Saturday.

The Caribbean Astronomy Society (SAC) took pictures of the fast meteor and explained that witnesses who monitored it, as well as one of SAC’s color cameras, realized that the meteor showed a somewhat greenish color, indicating that it was a space rock with mineral content.

The bright meteorite was visible in the north direction and its trajectory moved further towards the north of the island, so the possibility of part of it reaching the mainland was excluded, because it must have escaped scattering from somewhere. It happened over the Atlantic.

SAC stressed that it was a fairly fast meteor and explained that the high speed observed specifically indicates that the meteor is not associated with a possible intense meteor shower that could occur late Monday night, because the “Tau Herculids” are slower meteors.

The educational entity explained that some of the images were obtained with a monochrome camera, which is why in some sequences the meteor appears without color, while in others the meteor appears green, and the track is briefly orange. It should be noted that the corridor remained visible even for several seconds afterward, the commission noted.

The organization that has put thousands of people in the sky noted that this event is all the more reason for us to look up at the sky so often.

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