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Bolsonaro tried to smuggle $3.2 million worth of jewelry into Brazil without declaring it to customs.

Bolsonaro tried to smuggle $3.2 million worth of jewelry into Brazil without declaring it to customs.

Former President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro Attempted to enter Brazil illegally 3.2 million dollars worth of jewelry That Saudi Arabia gave to the then First Lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, Without declaring them beforehand and paying the corresponding taxes, as the Brazilian newspaper exclusively reported Or the state of Sao Paulo.

The former president received several jewels from Saudi officials, among which stands out “A necklace, a ring, a watch and a pair of diamond earrings“, in October 2021But the properties were confiscated Guarulhos International AirportIn Sao Paulo.

The former president received a large amount of jewelry from Saudi authorities in October 2021, including “a necklace, a ring, a watch and a pair of diamond earrings,” but the items were seized at Cuarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo. . (Twitter)

The minister confirmed this information Community Relations Secretary, Paulo PimentaYar posted the photos this Friday Diamond pieces on their social networks.

Bolsonaro tried to smuggle a diamond necklace and earrings worth 16.5 million reais to Michelle. Prizes were delivered in Saudi Arabia by the end of 2021. Petrobras was just there Selling a refinery to a Saudi Arabian group for $1,800 million” he mentioned on his Twitter account.

This information was confirmed by Secretary of Social Relations Paulo Pimenta, who posted photos of these diamond pieces on his social networks on Friday. (Twitter)

Agents found jewelry in the backpack of a soldier who had returned to Brazil and checked it. Any goods not previously declared while passing through customs, as required by law. Former Minister of Mines and Energy Bento Albuquerque He made several attempts to recover the jewels but failed.

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A Brazilian newspaper confirms that in the last two months of the decree BolsonaroFour attempts were made to withdraw the gifts, mobilizing the Foreign and Economic Ministries, but all failed.

The only way to redeem the jewelery is to pay the compulsory import duty., a penalty of 50 percent of the value of the said property and 25 percent of the value for non-declaration from the beginning. The other option is to declare them “An official gift to the President and First Lady”, but this way they belong to the state of Brazil, not the Bolsonaros, the newspaper explains.

Minister of Communications, Paulo pepperHe spoke strongly on the matter on his Twitter account: “The report of “(‘O Estado de Sao Paulo’) reveals gruesome details of how the bribes, gifts and illegal benefits of Bolsonaro, his relatives and close advisers operated. All deserve to be tried and punished for their crimes”.

The only way to recover jewelery is through compulsory import duty of 50 per cent of the value of the item concerned and a penalty of 25 per cent of the value for non-declaration in the first place. (Twitter)

Meanwhile, the Administration of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Bolsonaro is considering options to force him out if he does not return voluntarily by the end of March, a senior adviser to the leftist leader confirmed.

Bolsonaro, who is vacationing in Florida before his term ends last year, is unlikely to be arrested upon his return to Brazil, the aide said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

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The former president has been investigated on several counts, including allegedly inciting a coup attempt in Brasilia on January 8, but no formal charges have been brought against him.

(with information from Europa Press)

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