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SNAP beneficiaries will receive $3,500 in this state in November

SNAP beneficiaries will receive $3,500 in this state in November

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is already preparing November financial assistance for eligible residents of the United States. One of the states that pays its beneficiaries the most is Alaska, where fees range up to $3,487.00 USD.

As a general rule, payments are made at the beginning of each month, so they are expected in the first days of November. The program and its development depend on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), however, each state determines eligibility, payment amounts and dates.

Alaska, like three other states in the country, sends all of its payments collectively to residents enrolled in SNAP. Payable figures are new because there is already a cost of living adjustment (COLA) approved for the coming year.

More than 92 thousand people are benefited

About 92,100 Alaska residents benefit from this financial assistance or food stamps. The average fee in that cold state is $271.00 USD.

Households paying a maximum of $3,487.00 USD reside in the “Rural II” category. This amount is distributed to families of up to eight people. For each additional member, SNAP will send $436.00 USD.

Payments always go to an exchange card called EBT. Deposits are processed once a month. In Alaska, specifically, the card is called the Alaska Quest Card. Through it, families can buy food, snacks and seeds or plants. It is not allowed to purchase alcohol, tobacco, vitamins, live animals, prepared foods or non-food household items.

Other categories in which SNAP payments are divided in Alaska are “Rural I” and “Rural III.” They offer maximum benefits of up to $2,865.00 USD respectively.

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