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What does Maria Corina Machado think of the TSJ ruling?

What does Maria Corina Machado think of the TSJ ruling?

A presidential candidate elected on a unitary platform, Maria Corina MachadoHe expressed his position in the sentence Supreme Court (TSJ) orders suspension of all effects of opposition election.

In the forum The future of Venezuela after the primaryOrganized by the Forma Institute of Political and Social Studies this Thursday, November 2, Vende Venezuela’s coordinator said the result of the electoral chamber.That was a mistake Very serious” driven by Nicolás Maduro’s government’s “frustration” over high turnout in the primaries.

He rated it the same way Disqualification It weighed against him: “They disqualified me at a very inopportune moment, they didn’t declare me unconstitutional, but it backfired on them. “If they are willing to go to these extremes, it is gaining momentum because they are worried about this power,” he said.

Free election

Machado hinted that his disqualification was part of the agenda negotiation. “The regime has incentives to keep moving forward. What the US Secretary of State (Anthony Blinken) has said is very clear and I hope they stick to what they said about free elections, you cannot have free elections with disqualified people,” he said.

Machado also urged the governments of the region, such as Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil, to come along. Peaceful political transition In Venezuela, because it would “result in benefits for all.”

According to him, the biggest challenge ahead is to build confidence to get the opposition together and unite the opposition parties.

“In the end I have no doubts Independence And we can restore our families,” he said.

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Hours earlier, Francisco Palmieri, head of the US Embassy in Venezuela, said his country had confidence in the president. Maria Corina Machado who is registering as an opposition candidate in the 2024 presidential election.