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Boeing again: A United Airlines plane makes an emergency landing after losing one of its tires

Boeing again: A United Airlines plane makes an emergency landing after losing one of its tires

This United Airlines Boeing 777-200 lost a tire during takeoff at San Francisco International Airport in California. (YouTube Cali Projects)

An airplane United Airlines is bound Japan He was forced to divert his course Angels After losing one of its tires shortly after take off San Francisco. The airline confirmed that no passengers or crew were injured in the incident on Thursday, March 7, 2024.

The tire came from the plane, a Boeing 777-200Departure point at 11:35 am local time Californiapointed out San Francisco International Airport. This aircraft model has twelve tires on its two main landing gear supports and according to reports United Airlinesis designed Land safely even with damaged or missing tires. The FAA He announced that an investigation would be conducted into what happened.

Accordingly ABC NewsDebris fell from a tire in a parking lot used by airport staff. No injuries to people, but damage to several carsThe air terminal had to briefly close one of its runways to clean up tire debris.

The FAA announced an investigation into a tire on a United Airlines flight. (empty flights)

“Flight 35 United is bound Osaka The landing gear lost part of the tire during takeoff. The remnants of the tire landed in the airport employee parking lot, causing damage to several vehicles,” they said from the airport.

Through a press release United Airlines He expressed his gratitude toOur pilots and flight attendants for their professionalism in handling this situation“, and assured that they will work with the owners of the affected vehicles”To ensure your needs are met“, he quoted FOXNews.

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There were 235 passengers, ten flight attendants and four pilots on board. United Airlines Arranged new flight for users to continue their journey Osaka, scheduled for the same Thursday afternoon. “We are grateful to our teams who waited with a tugboat to move the aircraft shortly after landing, and to our teams at the airport who assisted customers upon their arrival,” the company added in its statement.

San Francisco International Airport confirms debris in employee parking lot. (Buffy Bartley)

The incident received additional attention because of its similarity to other recent episodes that have affected aviation. Boeing 757 I lost the nose gear tire during the shoot AtlantaEncourages inquiry through United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Accordingly The Washington Post.

Safety of manufactured aircraft Boeing Under intense scrutiny, particularly in January of this year, an access door was detached Boeing 737 Max 9 In full flight. This led to FAA Investigations into the grounding of more than 170 jets later revealed loose bolts on some planes and incorrectly drilled holes in the fuselages of some planes in production.