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Bill Gates decided to leave 99% of his wealth to his fourth son

Bill Gates decided to leave 99% of his wealth to his fourth son

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In a surprising but thoughtful decision, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates announced that he would give away 99% of his wealth, believing that his children don't need “huge amounts of money”.

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Gates, a renowned philanthropist and defender of social causes, expressed that the usefulness of money lies in its ability to create a positive impact on the world, not in the accumulation of personal wealth.

“Beyond a certain point money has no use for me. Its only use is to create a system and provide resources to the world's poor,” Gates revealed in one of his most notable quotes.
Currently, according to 'Forbes', Gates is ranked seventh among the world's richest presidents.

At the age of 68, his net worth is $124.5 billion, a staggering number that, unlike his family, friends and activities that create positive social impact, does not give him any kind of satisfaction. Interviews.

This position justifies his decision to bequeath less than 1% of his assets to each of his children.

“Our children will get a better education and some money, so they will never be poor, but they will have their own business,” the chancellor said in an interview on 'This Morning.'

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