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The US and its allies will deploy 100 unmanned ships to guarantee maritime security in the Middle East.

The US and its allies will deploy 100 unmanned ships to guarantee maritime security in the Middle East.

American ships

Washington And its Partners Regional offices will employ more than a hundred people Drones 2023 will help ensure Maritime security Inside Middle EastIt was announced this Saturday Bahrain Chairman of the Armed Forces Central Command (CENTCOM). America, Michael “Eric” Guerrilla.

“By this time next year, The Task Force 59 It will bring together more than 100 unmanned surface and underwater vessels that will operate together, communicate together and provide maritime domain knowledge to all participating militaries,” Gurrilla said.

said during a speech at the forum Mindful conversationAbout 80% of those vessels will be owned by shareholders America Attacks against merchant ships and oil tankers or arms smuggling and other illegal exports are relatively common.

The US High Command explained that the maritime deployment will be part of a more ambitious plan that will expand to air and land areas in the future.

Chairman of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) Michael
Michael “Eric” Guerrilla, Chairman of the US Armed Forces’ Central Command (CENTCOM).

the other two Working groups will be in charge of “replicating” the project Drones Among other capabilities, they have tested “concepts and technology” for developing unmanned ground vehicles, respectively, by modifying payloads.

Guerrilla explained that all these unmanned systems will be integrated into a single network and will “continuously” send information to centers with artificial intelligence programming.

Washington It is working with its partners to develop an “experimental” program to deal with Enemy dronesIts development is becoming one of the biggest “technological threats to regional security,” the general warned.

Multiplication of Kamikaze drone Iranians Many countries are concerned European union It had already imposed economic sanctions on Iran after confirming that Iran had supplied these types of unmanned vehicles Russiawith which Moscow Destroy Ukrainian civilian infrastructure.

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Earlier this week, a product tanker loaded with diesel was hit by a shell while traveling Gulf of OmanA move suggested by an Israeli official EFE Attributed to the Iranian Shahed-136 drone.

And these days, The The United States Navy is the Fifth FleetBased in Bahrain, it reported the interception at sea Persian Gulf A fishing boat carried chemicals for making explosives and missiles YemenHe confirmed that the ship was from Iran.

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