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BMW presenta el i Vision Circular, un auto ecológico, "sostenible y de lujo", hecho con materiales reciclados (FOTOS, VIDEO)

BMW presents the i Vision Circular, a “sustainable and luxury” eco-car, made from recycled materials (photos, video)


September 7, 2021 00:10 GMT

The new prototype is expected to lay the foundation for the next generation of electric cars that the German company will produce by 2040.

During the International Auto Show in Germany (IAA), BMW Foot i Vision Circular, a prototype of an electric and eco-car made largely from recycled materials, is expected to lay the foundations for the next generation of urban models that the German company will produce by 2040.

Based on the principle of circular economy, BMW designers have created a compact four-seater car that “focuses on sustainability and luxury”. Thus, it will be made from completely recyclable materials, such as aluminium, plastic, glass and steel, which, thanks to new production processes, will not be processed much to allow for later reuse, according to the company’s chief designer Domagoj Dukec.

The exterior of the car maintains a futuristic and simple design, since no tires, stickers or other materials have been added to it; Furthermore, through the use of digital animation the iconic double kidney grille is drawn on the front of the vehicle. Headlights and daytime running lights are integrated into it.

Regarding the interior, the company used “unprecedented technologies” to synthesize the new recyclable materials it developed, thus reducing the use of adhesives or connections; Similarly, 3D printing in one piece of many components, such as a console or steering wheel, reduces energy and material consumption during their manufacture.

On the other hand, BMW decided to reduce the number of components Collection Numerous functions to create a “botanical digital experience” that “transforms” digital into a tactile experience, and transforms the dashboard and infotainment into “the next generation of physical and digital user interface.”

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Although nothing is known yet about the power or autonomy the batteries will have, BMW has indicated that they will also be made from elements from the “recycling circuit”, and that they will reach a much higher energy density without depleting valuable resources.

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