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Blue Cross |  Juan Renoso will have Urbelín Pineda in the 2021 Apertura

Blue Cross | Juan Renoso will have Urbelín Pineda in the 2021 Apertura

Urbelin Pineda Live his last cycle as a player in blue cross. The attacking midfielder will see his dream of playing in Europe come true in January when he joins the league. Celta Vigo. According to information from the Mexican press, El Maguito had already concluded the agreement with the Iberian team a few weeks ago.

This possibility opened a debate in the corridors of La Noria that has moved to the heart of the fans: should a footballer who has already arranged for another club play? NS Juan Renoso The answer does not admit of doubts: yes, and according to information from the newspaper “El Universal”, the Peruvian coach will remain Pineda for the rest of the match. Opening 2021.

“The Peruvian has already said that he will use all the pieces he scored in the team to look for the goal, which is to achieve another championship. He does not care if this player leaves. Those times are over in Cruz Azul where the board raised or lowered their thumbs to punish a player who didn’t act as he wanted., you can read part of the information.

Urbelin Pineda vs Necaxa (Imago 7)

To show the above, we must refer to the last duel of the cement producers, against Necaxa, which ended with La Maquina’s first win so far this season. Before Los Rios Orbelin, Pineda was not only among the core eleven, but also He was the main centerpiece of the midfield and played a total of 80 minutes.

After the arrival of the Venezuelan midfielder Romulo Otero It was said that Pineda would lose ground throughout the semester to grant entry to a player who signed for two years, however, the truth is that Reynoso did not want to engage in discussions and had already made his position clear on his first exit. I own Cruz Azul for him End of 2021: game.

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