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Biological sciences teachers stop work and take over buildings

Biological sciences teachers stop work and take over buildings

Teachers of the Academic Unit of Biological Sciences at the Autonomous University of Benmerita in Zacatecas (BUAZ) have suspended work and They took Facilities for basic science programs (physics, mathematics, and biological sciences) in protest against the reduction in salaries of a number of teachers and irregularities in workloads.

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Alejandro Alvarado Gutierrez, a union delegate in the biological sciences unit, reported that the problem arose because the payroll update affected four teachers, while several others had trouble recognizing their workload.

“The salary update affected teachers who were receiving salaries like last semester, and by updating this semester, without processing information from biology, it has caused administrative chaos and affected core teachers,” he explained.

He explained that there were two teachers whose salaries were affected, and two others whose salaries were reduced due to the lack of recognition for some of the subjects they taught during this semester, which was about to end.

Alvarado Gutierrez reported that there is also a situation that the entire teaching staff does not bear the formal workload, and although this does not affect the salary, there is a problem because sometimes the subjects assigned do not correspond to those taught.

“There are cases of teachers who went to ask their lecturers to report the grades of students for the courses they taught, and it was not in their name, but in the name of another professor, and then this is an administrative chaos and must be resolved,” he added.

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He stated that the directorate suggested that in such a case, teachers report grades for the subjects they were officially assigned, even if another teacher taught them, but “this is not ethical or moral because there was not even contact with these students.” “.

Alvarado Gutierrez reported that after the demonstration, there was a call from the authorities and they promised to resolve the issue of the salaries of the above-mentioned teachers, but regarding the issue of workload, they only stated that they could address it on Wednesday.

Given this response, he said the work stoppage may last until next Wednesday, pending the situation being addressed as expressed by administrators, but if that does not happen, the demonstration could extend to the university’s entire second campus. .