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Bill Gates’s prophecy about the future that will come true in 2025

Bill Gates’s prophecy about the future that will come true in 2025

Bill Gates owns a magnificent mansion in the United States. (Photo: Reuters)

In 2023, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates predicted a near future where technology will change our world again, this time with self-driving vehicles.

by the historian

This prediction becomes especially important now that Toyota, one of the auto giants, has announced the launch of its first electric car with an advanced self-driving system by 2025.

Are we really close to the “tipping point” predicted by Bill Gates?

A few months ago, Bill Gates spoke about the progress of artificial intelligence, highlighting an upcoming “inflection point” in the development of self-driving vehicles.

In his words, self-driving vehicles will allow drivers to “take their hands off the wheel and delegate driving in certain circumstances.”

On the other hand, he pointed out that the necessary technology has been practically fully developed, with a focus on mastering the algorithms and improving the engineering to implement them effectively.

He also stressed that this transformation will have a radical impact on our daily lives, comparable to the computer revolution, and stressed that it will require a profound rethinking of current delivery systems.

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