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Big Brother Brazil: What Dania Mendez said after MC Gemie and Cara de Sabato were sent off |  Celebrity House 3 |  Celebs from United States nndaml |  fame

Big Brother Brazil: What Dania Mendez said after MC Gemie and Cara de Sabato were sent off | Celebrity House 3 | Celebs from United States nndaml | fame

despite of Founded by Dania Mendez It’s elegantly advertised “Big Brother Brazil”Needless acts of touching and harassment against Mexican women distorted the exchange of numbers between the Brazilian reality show and “La casa de los famosos”. What did the victim say about this disastrous event? Well, at MAG we tell you in detail.

After the media scandal that occurred in “Big Brother Brazil”, members Cara de Sapato and MC Guimê They were immediately separated from reality TV. As expected, this fact was praised on social networks by the followers of the most watched competition in all of Brazil, who expressed their intolerance towards this type of event.

In reality, The host of “Big Brother” had heartfelt words for Danyain which she reiterated that she was not responsible for the disastrous actions that Antonio Carlos Jr. and MC Gimi performed during a party that took place last Wednesday, March 15th.

“It’s not your responsibility, it’s not your fault, rest assured, we don’t want to see you cry.”the driver pointed to the Mexican, who immediately burst into tears.

The 31-year-old businesswoman cried on ‘Big Brother Brasil’ (Photo: Big Brother Brasil/Instagram)

What did Nadia say after Cara de Sabato and MC GUIMÊ were fired?

After the catastrophic events, The Aztec model was supported by the production that accompanied it to Brazilwho did not hesitate to show their unconditional support at such times. “I am here to listen to you, so we can talk, until you cry…”They told Dania in confession.

“I don’t feel well”Mendez held between tears, then said: “Because I think you know me and you know I’m with my heart and these two people have received me so well, they have received me so wonderfully”.

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Dania Mendez started crying during the ‘Big Brother Brazil’ confession (Photo: Big Brother Brazil/Instagram)

in this sense, Dania recounted what happened before the members were harassed. “I remember I was already asleep and he went to my bed and I remember him trying to kiss me and I said no, like ‘no slipper’, but I don’t remember much”.

Regarding touching Gimi, the businesswoman revealed it “It was the alcohol that did it.”He also confirmed that he does not remember exactly what happened. “I didn’t remember this situation either and didn’t want to comment on it because I’m very sorry and I don’t want to get them into trouble abroad.”.

No doubt these moments were very uncomfortable for you, Dania. Let’s hope she never goes through such episodes again!

What did Cara de Sabato and Jimo say about the scandal?

During an Instagram post, Antonio Carlos Jr.’s team acknowledged their shameful attitudes toward Dana Mendez, claiming to apologize after fully clarifying the issue.

We know that there are certain situations that just can’t happen as a joke. When you go out and see these photos, Sapato will need to understand what happened, review the behavior, apologize, and know that there are boundaries that cannot be crossed.”reads the post.

The act of molesting Cara de Sapato was caught by ‘Big Brother Brazil’ cameras (Photo: The House of Celebrities/Instagram)

Following this line, the person who manages Guimê’s Instagram account also posted a message apologizing for all the work done that day, expressing his sincere apologies to Mendes.

“Like all of you, we have seen and regretted the episodes involving MC Guimê at his last party inside Big Brother Brazil. In advance, we leave here our sincerest apologies to all the people involved.”can be read on his Instagram account.

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What after changing Dania Mendes to the “Celebrity House”?

After announcing her return to Mexico, everything seems to indicate that the 26-year-old will be back in time to join Juan Rivera and Brenda’s vow renewal, which will happen Sunday, March 19, on Telemundo’s show.

In the same way, she will also return to discover that her romantic interest, Arturo CarmonaHe was nominated for the first time on the reality show Telemundo and is one of those most likely to leave the show. Learn more details here.

More information about DANIA MENDEZ

Dania Mendez Personal Data

  • full name: Dania Mendez
  • Pick-up place: Jalisco
  • nationality: Mexican
  • birthday: Feb 6
  • Year of Birth: 1992
  • age: 31 years
  • Instagram:
  • Tik Tok:

Why do you discuss Nadia Mendes and Arturo Carmona in “La Casa de los Famosos”?

After the dismissal of Nicole Chavez, who starred in the first fight this season with Nadia Mendez, the latter’s relationship with Arturo Carmona seemed to be having a good moment. However, the couple, now officially, would soon be fighting.

The fight began after a disagreement between the two over the choice of the leader of the house and would spill over into different aspects. Learn more here.