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Danilo Carrera Is your girlfriend part of the royal family?  |  Celeb from Mexico |  nndaml |  fame

Danilo Carrera Is your girlfriend part of the royal family? | Celeb from Mexico | nndaml | fame

A few weeks ago, Danilo Carrera became the focus of controversy after his announcement His plans to retire from novels And he left Mexico for Moving to Miami In doing so, he is able to be next to his mother, Elsa Huerta, who comes Fighting a difficult disease.

And it is that celebrities from Mexico have been able to earn a place in Latin American television, starring in productions such as “dangerous relationships“,”overcome absence“,”Confront fear” And “I want it all.

Because of this popularity, the love life of the Ecuadorian actor has also attracted the attention of his followers, mainly due to his relationship with Michelle Reno, who will be his partner for several years and even get engaged.

Danilo Carrera was Michel Renault’s boyfriend in 2021 (Photo: Michel Renault/Instagram)

Danilo Carrera’s Mysterious Girlfriend

Recently, the actor chatted with Catalina Moura about “Sit Who Can!” He indicated his participation inInvincible loveTelevisa Univision, with whom he shares the leading roles Angelique Boyeras well as their current relationship, which has been speculated to be part of the royal family.

It’s the first time that I see that my relationship is not going to end”, the Ecuadorian noted, referring to his relationship with a mysterious young woman, who only admitted that she was part of the royal family.

The actor was so smitten, unnoticed, he didn’t measure up to praise his new girlfriend, highlighting both her physical attractions and her abilities.

She’s super athletic, super smart, and speaks four languagescommented Brave, who confirmed they were going toShe has very tall and handsome childrenBecause the young lady has a great stature.

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Danilo Carrera stars in Invincible Love with Angelique Boyer (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)

The Engagement Ring by Danilo Carrera

In December last year, the actor shared the impressive engagement ring with which he predicted the wedding with his girlfriend which caused surprise because of the value it would have.

Yes it is (the engagement ring), it costs about the same as the house, but no more than the house I gave my mom‘, between laughter.

As to the alleged noble degrees the mystery couple would have had, Danilo admitted that she had them, but did not reveal these titles or their identities. “He has titles and his family has castlescommented.

Although acknowledging this, the actor has maintained that he is not interested in this property or if he seeks to be part of the gentry.

Of course not, I’m normal. I don’t think their titles will ever end. It’s not something that interests me“, pointed out.