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Biden undergoes annual physical examinations by voters to ensure his mental and physical health

Biden undergoes annual physical examinations by voters to ensure his mental and physical health

Written by Kelly O'Donnell and Rebecca Chabad – NBC News

President Joe Biden was headed to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Wednesday morning to undergo his annual routine physical.

In keeping with standard practice, the White House expects to release a written summary of the findings later today. Several doctors are participating in the president’s care, led by White House physician Kevin O’Connor.

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Two aides traveled with the president to Walter Reed aboard the official Marine One helicopter: Annie Tommasini, assistant to the president and deputy chief of staff, and Delpreet Sidhu, special assistant to Biden and deputy chief of staff of the National Security Council.

Aides indicated that there was no expected need for Biden to transfer his responsibilities while he was taking the exam.

Joe Biden at the White House on Monday, January 22, after visiting Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.Andrew Harnick/AP

Former President Donald Trump and Republicans focused on Biden's age during the current presidential campaign and questioned his ability to continue his position as president.

Biden repeatedly said he was fine, and Democrats defended him and described him as healthy.

Trump's critics, including Nikki Haley — the only major Republican contender remaining in the race — have also noted that The former president is roughly Biden's age, and has also had several notable memory lapses in recent months.

Biden last underwent a routine physical examination a year ago, in February 2023. In a five-page memo, O'Connor wrote at the time that Biden “remains a healthy and vigorous 80-year-old man, capable of successfully carrying out his duties.” “For the presidency.”

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Biden is now 81 years old.

O'Connor said last year that after a dermatology consultation, a small lesion was removed from Biden's chest and sent for a biopsy. The memo also said that Biden continued to take medications, including cholesterol medications, and that he had no symptoms of an irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation.

The doctor also reported that Biden suffers from acid reflux, which O'Connor said is why the president can sometimes be heard clearing his throat.