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Equipping chemical sciences laboratories with the U079 expansion program

Equipping chemical sciences laboratories with the U079 expansion program

Zacatecas. “The support provided by the FY2023 U079 Expansion Program of the Academic Unit of Chemical Sciences (UACQ) of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ) has been very beneficial to this school community,” said Director Argilia López Luna.

The researcher and educator also noted that this exceptional resource consists of materials for the Pharmaceutical Biology (QBF) program laboratory such as: a UV-visible spectrophotometer, an electrochemical meter, a ceramic heating and stirring grid, an Ecopipette micropipette, a large-scale organic chemistry kit, and a control In voltage and heating blankets.

The university official said that 20 computers had arrived, in addition to furniture consisting of 100 chairs, 50 tables, 20 chairs and 20 desks for teachers and students of the unit’s academic programs.

Finally, the Director announced that this equipment will be available to 1,150 students of this university community of chemical sciences, which can be used in the teaching laboratory and in the classroom, as well as in the computer room (environmental laboratory). ) and for various activities in the ten laboratories that were recently equipped.

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