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Best smoked brisket restaurant in Texas, how much do you pay to eat?

Best smoked brisket restaurant in Texas, how much do you pay to eat?

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he Texas State It is one of the best places to eat. Smoked brisket For example, just one button is enough. There is a restaurant that specializes in this subject to the point that it opens only one day a week and serves hundreds of people who line up at dawn to eat.

he smoked brisket It is cooked to Low temperature For a long time, Fiber making The meat is very tender and juicy, and spices are added in its preparation, which makes its flavor unique, which is why it is a delicious food. A popular dish in Texas.

Very close to capital of texas There is a restaurant, thanks to its taste. His dishes are considered As the best in the entire state; And there are those who arrive 3 am However, there are already people waiting to be among the first to be served when the restaurant opens its doors.

What is the best smoked brisket restaurant in Texas?

Ice grill It is considered the best restaurant for brisket. Texas smokehouseSo much so that his story remains Captured on Netflixand its creators are two elderly people who decided to start a project. Family businesswhich was very well received from the beginning.

Ice grill prices

  • brisket – $27 per pound
  • Pork ribs – $19 per pound
  • turkey breast – $19 per pound
  • roast pork – $17 per pound
  • Smoked chicken – 8 dollars and a half pound

the snow BBQ in Lexingtonabout an hour of City of Austincapital Texas Statein a small town with a population of just over a thousand, but only on Saturdays do you see new faces, as people from other parts visit the place to reach the restaurant.

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Texas Snow BBQ It is only open on Saturdays to eat there, but you should also know that you don’t have to do that. spend a fortune To taste the wonderful smoked brisketJust think of the long line you will have to wait in to eat or try the delicious dishes that you will undoubtedly love.