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Best memes of Farruko "Díaz-Canel singao" in Premios Juventud

Best memes of Farruko “Díaz-Canel singao” in Premios Juventud

A gesture towards the people of Cuba such as Puerto Rican Reggaeton Farruko when he appeared in the 2021 Premios Juventud with Pullover “Díaz-Canel singao” And the Cuban flag, the source of many memes on the Internet.

On Thursday evening, on stage at the Watsco Center, in Coral Gables, the Puerto Rican singer once again showed more support for Cubans than in the past. July 11 They took to the streets of the island to demand an end to the communist dictatorship.

The phrase chanted by thousands of Cubans in Anti-regime protests, has become one of the slogans of the struggle for freedom in the Caribbean nation.

The Cuban community in Florida appreciated Farruko’s position, which quickly spread on social networks, where jokes spread.

Internet users took the opportunity to attack the representative figures of the Castro regime, not only Governor Diaz-Canel, but also journalist Humberto Lopez and singers Israel Rojas, Raul Torres, Ferrolo and Silvio Rodriguez.

One of the memes shows Yisrael Rojas, the leader of the Buena Fei group, with a pullover marked “Diaz-Canel Bing”. It’s a phrase The regime’s defenders shouted an act of “revolutionary reassertion” It was carried out a few days ago on the island of youth.

Among the memes created on Friday can’t be missing are those related to the eternal certainty of Díaz-Canel and his government apparatus, that anyone who speaks out against him gets paid by the CIA.

In addition to Farruko who already He publicly expressed his support for the protests in CubaOther artists who performed at the Premios Juventud wore clothes that referred to the current crisis on the island.

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Members of Gente de Zona, Alexander Delgado, Randy Malcom and their partners, Mily Alemán and Annaby Pozo, wore black T-shirts marked “SOS Cuba”.

Singer Yotwill Romero and his wife, Spanish actress-songwriter Beatriz Luingo, wore denim jackets with Patria Y Vida and MSI tags and a shirtless portrait of rapper Michael Osorbo and his wife hanging from his arm

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