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BANDEC promotes a new way to send remittances to Cuba

The Banco de Crédito y Comercio de Cuba, BANDEC, has promoted, through its official channels, a new way to send remittances to Cuba. For follow up details.

This was the message they shared cable: “Transfers to any province of Cuba, from any part of the world. Deposits to MLC cards from banks Banco Popular de Ahorro, Banco de Crédito y Comercio and Banco Metropolitano SA 100 MLC for only 109.12 USD or 102.96 EUR.”

The platform in question is called VidaiPay and is associated with the company BIDALKETA SERVICIOS SL, which has a registered office in Bilbao, in an autonomous community in the Basque Country, Spain.

They confirm on their official website that they have the “authorization to supply and manage remittance shipments to Cuba from anywhere in the world”.

To do this, the beneficiary in Cuba must be the holder of an MLC card from the Cuban banks BPA, BANDEC or Metropolitano, or have created a MiTransfer Bag in his name through the Transfermóvil application.

In the case of the sender, you must make your payments with an international card (Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay) enabled using PSD2, a double-authentication security protocol for online payments.

VIDAIPAY: Sending remittances to Cuba

According to the available information, the first step that people who want to send money to Cuba must take is to register with webFill in your personal data.

Next, you have to add your beneficiaries and in a third moment, upload the required documents.

VidaiPay guarantees that “within the next 24 working hours you will receive an activation code with which you can make transfers, or a notification of corrections that need to be made to the record.”

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When making a shipment, you must specify the type of shipment, the currency in which you wish to pay (EUR or USD) and the amount to be transferred. Next, you will choose the beneficiary and, if necessary, the card to which you want to deposit the transfer.

As required, in the end, the sender must confirm all the details of the operation before proceeding with the payment, which must be certified by his bank.

“At all times, the sender will be able to check the status of their operations in the My Transfers section, which will be deposited between 1 and 5 working days,” Explain.