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Bad Bunny kicks off the conclusion of his Most Wanted Tour with excitement |  Offers

Bad Bunny kicks off the conclusion of his Most Wanted Tour with excitement | Offers

In his first three concerts at the Puerto Rican Coliseum, Bad Bunny conveyed the joy that comes from performing in his native country and being in front of an audience that has accompanied him every step of the way to success.

After a tour that visited more than 30 cities in the United States and Canada, El Conejo Malo began the final leg of the Most Wanted tour in Puerto Rico, despite most of his previous tours starting at home.

“You don’t know how happy I was singing at home. It was a tour I could do in the middle. “I put Puerto Rico last because I saw it as gasoline to finish the tour.”The artist expressed.

With his seventh album, Nobody Knows What Will Happen Tomorrow, as a rule, the artist gave a more than two-hour show in which he covered his most popular trap and reggaeton songs.

At 10:00 p.m., music director Carlos Lopez appeared on stage with 20 musicians from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Albania, Cuba and Venezuela, who belong to the Philharmonic Orchestra Project. The orchestra opened the concert with La Borinqueña, followed by a series of Lopez compositions inspired by the Western theme of a man wanted dead or alive.

The same orchestra accompanied Benito Martinez Ocasio, his given name, on the first two numbers of the night: Nobody Knows and Monaco. Mr. October, Cybertruck, Vou 787, and Baticano were part of the repertoire.

The audience included fans from the Dominican Republic, Spain, the United States and Mexico, so Hunter warned that “if you’ve seen Bad Bunny live, but not in Puerto Rico, you’ve never seen him.” You can see the emotion that being in front of the Al Jazeera audience arouses in the artist, and he admitted this, saying: “Before starting, he was very nervous.”

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It’s Rabbit’s first show in Puerto Rico in which he wasn’t chatty with the audience, however, he didn’t miss several opportunities to thank his fans for being with him from the beginning.

As a token of gratitude, Bad Bunny revived “La Nueva Religión” with songs like Tú no metes Cabra, Pa’ ti, Soy Peor, Vuelve, Me Mata, No te Haces, Chambea, Tú no Vive Así and Diles. These were the themes through which the trap movement was united in Puerto Rico and beyond.

Love and heartbreak had room in the evening, when accompanied by a pianist, he performed songs such as Amorfoda, Vete, Callaíta, Si estuviésemos Juntos, Un x100to and Gracias por Nada.

The artist took the opportunity to send a message of self-love to his followers, urging them to ignore the comments of others.

“Don’t waste your time trying to explain or defend yourself against opinions or things said by people who don’t even know what your life is like…things are said about me every day. I don’t care at all, I know what’s in my heart, and I’m sure of who I am as a human being.” “The people I love, who love me, know who I am, and are the only ones who matter to me.”“, said the artist.


Under the slogan “Sácala y perrea”, singer Bad Bunny seeks to encourage participation in the upcoming elections, with a special offer…


After turning the atmosphere to a more somber one, he turned it into a party with his more danceable songs like Safera, Yo Perreo Sola, La Santa, Bichyal, Moscow Mule, Un Preview and others.

As usual with their shows, audiences expect a guest list, and this tour was no exception. Young Miko, Mura, Lower La L, and Bryant Myers were present at the premiere.

During the tour’s first US dates, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the most well-known animal rights organization worldwide, called it “irresponsible” for Bad Bunny to include a horse as part of the show. . The artist seems to have ignored this, as he brought a horse into which Luar the L entered.

The night also saw the participation of De La Guetto, Ñengo Flow and Arcángel, who joined El Conejo to perform Acho PR.

The meeting concluded with El Apagón, where he was accompanied by a group of pleneros and Cabezudos.

It should be noted that the gathering included two stages, a floating track, fireworks, explosions, columns of smoke, and a group of 20 dancers.

The Most Wanted tour, which will also be broadcast Saturday in cinemas, will be extended until Sunday, June 9.