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Avianca retains the title of the world’s most punctual airline, according to the ranking

Avianca retains the title of the world’s most punctual airline, according to the ranking

Airlines Avianca is rated first for punctuality This is according to Cirium’s classification, which focuses on aviation numbers and data.

This is not the first time that the company has obtained this title, in fact, This is the second month in a row that she has assumed leadership In this category, it is also the fourth time it has received this rating.

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On this occasion, it obtained an average of 89.88% during the flights carried out in the month of September. Behind Avianka Famous airlines such as Qatar Airways, It obtained a rate of 87.87%, and Delta came in third place with a rate of 86.40%.

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In September, the airline carried out more than 17,000 flights They received nearly three additional points in the punctuality category (86.86%).

In the Latin American ranking, the most punctual companies after Avianca are: Cup, blue and latam.

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The ranking also mentions the most punctual airports. This month, the first airport on the list was Bangalore International Airport in India.

“Without a doubt, this achievement demonstrates the dedication and discipline of more than 13,000 people who give their best every day. So that our customers arrive safely, on time and with all their luggage to their destination.Federico Pedrera, Executive Vice President of Avianca, said in a statement published by the specialized portal dataiFX.

The company also added, “The numbers speak for themselves, not only did we maintain the number one position, but we also We increased the punctuality index by three points compared to AugustReaching 89.9% for the month of September.

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Likewise, he stated that the goal now is to prepare for the winter season, which will witness a significant increase in capabilities, “and for this we will need the collective work of all actors in the sector.”

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