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Autonomous University of Juarez in Tabasco

Autonomous University of Juarez in Tabasco

Two student research projects from the University of Juárez Autonuma de Tabasco (UJAT) have been awarded third place as part of their participation in the 2023 Mexican Science and Engineering Fair (FEMECI) organized by the National Network of Councils and Governmental Organizations for Science and Technology (REDNACECYT).

At a Tabasco State Council of Science and Technology (CCYTET) press conference, the project was announced as the third place winner in Medicine and Health Sciences at the tertiary level: “Differences in global and specific methylation markers in relation to the mthfr c677t polymorphism in normal and with cervical cancer samples.” Presented by Kela Abigail Vargas Jiménez, Comalco Multidisciplinary Academic Division (DAMC) student at UJAT, and her advisor, Eric Natividad of Cruz Hernandez.

This project seeks to determine whether the MTHFR C677T polymorphism modulates the methylation level of global and specific markers in normal and those with cervical cancer samples. Polymorphism is the presence of two or more different forms of a particular DNA sequence that can occur between different people or populations.

After inviting young people to participate in science fairs, the DAMC student highlighted the lack of new signs of discovery in Mexico, so she said: “This progress will be something new that should be made available to the population, which is the latest in diagnosis and detection.”

On the other hand, the project “Escuela Lúdica Móvil” presented by student Felipe Antonio González Méndez and his advisor Ricardo Avila Alexandre from the Academic Department of Education and Arts of UJAT took third place in the field of Science. • Social at the higher education level.

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Which deals with a full-time mobile, comprehensive and multi-degree school, where fun teaching, comprehensive training workshops on science, sports and art are applied, to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people in Villahermosa, especially street children.

In this context, the General Director of CCYTET, Gerardo Humberto Arevalo Reyes, explained the process that Edgardo Alfonso Cruz Hidalgo, Lancer Manuel Diaz Mojára, Kyla Abigail Vargas Jimenez, Melissa Isabella Ortiz Cabrera and Felipe Antonio González Mendez have to comply with. To win first place and three third places in FEMECI 2023.

It should be noted that with these results Tabasco is ranked among the top three nationally with the most recognitions of FEMECI 2023 organized by REDNACECYT.