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If you’re going to get a Colombian passport, keep in mind that starting Monday, a pilot plan will be implemented at headquarters on 53rd Street to serve users without the need for an appointment. This is given the large number of orders for the upcoming holiday season.

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So what happens from today? Appointment scheduling remains in effect at North Headquarters and Central Headquarters; It will be at the headquarters on 53rd Street where, as of November 29, a pilot scheme will be in place for the processing of the Colombian passport without the need to request appointments.

Business hours will be From seven in the morning until three in the afternoonAnd the Ministry of Foreign Relations clarifies, that shifts will be delivered according to the capacity of interest within this time range.

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During the week of November 29 to December 3, 2021, users will be presented taking into account the last digit of their ID document.

In the case of passport applications for minors, the last digit of the citizenship card or identity document of one of their parents or guardians will be taken into account.

So it will be peak and identifier

Monday 29 November: Cédulas terminated in 0 and 1

Tuesday 30 November: Cédulas terminated in 2 and 3

Wednesday 1 December: Ending certifications in 4 and 5

Thursday 2 December: Ending certifications in 6 and 7

Friday 3 December: Ending certifications in 8 and 9

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What requirements do you have to meet?

Before applying for passport processing, the user must check the requirements on the Chancellery page where the process is explained: Here

What recommendations should you follow?

Every citizen who decides to apply for a passport with this pilot scheme should consider the following:

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1. Before the transfer is delivered, the documents will be checked and the requirements for the issuance of the passport are met.

2. If the user meets the requirements, An attention shift will be customized by validating your fingerprint, which will ensure that Only the same person who will be issued a passport will get the role Or, in the case of minors, the father, mother or legal representative who accompanies them during the operation.

3. Shifts have no cost and will be assigned according to the order of arrival It may not be transferred or used by users other than those for which they are designated.

4. Only the number of shifts that can attend the headquarters during the day will be determined.

5 An assigned shift will indicate an estimated hour of attention, as well as a mechanism for monitoring and consultation on the progress of pre-set shifts.

6. It will be allowed to enter the headquarters of the passport process At least two hours before the scheduled time of the scheduled shift.

7. All users are required to maintain due social distancing, comply with biosafety protocols and follow the instructions of the staff at the Passport Office.

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