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At least three police officers were injured in a shooting in Washington

At least three police officers were injured in a shooting in Washington

Washington.- Three police officers were injured Washington A ShootingTheir injuries were not life-threatening, officials said Wednesday.

The Metropolitan Police Department said in a press release posted online Shooting It happened around 8:30 a.m. in the southeast part of the US capital

A fourth officer was taken to a local hospital, according to initial reports Minor injuries. The officer did not sustain gunshot wounds.

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“To the attention of the Mexican community. Given the shooting in the vicinity of the rally, at Union Station, if you require consular assistance or protection, our Consulate is on watch,” the agency posted on its X account.

He Mexican Embassy It took to social media to express its deep regret for the events that took place today in Kansas City and appreciate the quick response of law enforcement.

In this regard, two people have already been arrested and the area has been evacuated, but there is no further information about the victims, the body said.

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