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Assassin’s Creed Shadows offers expanded gameplay in Ubisoft Forward

Assassin’s Creed Shadows offers expanded gameplay in Ubisoft Forward

Combat for both heroes and the game’s open world are among the details described

Naoe, the ninja shinobi protagonist of the game

he Ubisoft Forward 2024 It had two clear protagonists as no new games were announced. First of all, Star Wars Outlaws showed off its first gameplay, revealing its interface as you move through its open world, explore all kinds of places, and engage in combat. Very similar to what happened with Shadows of Assassin’s Creedwho was willing to show A Extended gameplay.

The new Assassins will transform players into legendary samurai and shinobi Assassins in feudal Japan, and is scheduled to be released from November 15 On PlayStation 5, Xbox Series The title will be available from November 12 through its premium versions thanks to early access.

After a brief introduction, the gameplay is shown He saw what it would be like to explore Fukuchiyama, one of the game’s open-world cities that will contain everything from stunning castles and bustling ports to peaceful retreats and rural landscapes. One of the details of the title will be the change of seasons, changing weather and real-time interaction environment.

And after this it became clear Samurai fight in Yasuke, which will attack enemies with precision and deadly force. Among your abilities will be to attack, block, dodge, and defeat enemies by mastering a wide arsenal of weapons such as bows, katanas, kanabu, naginata, and more.

The new Assassin’s Creed game has two heroes

After fighting Yasuke, a cinematic brings together the two game heroes in an instant You can choose who you will continue the adventure with. By choosing Naoe, he showed what it would be like to enjoy it Ghost shinobiBecause she will be agile and resourceful in using noise, light and shadows to evade enemies.

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Finally, it was revealed how to distract the guards with kunai, shuriken, and smoke bombs, and the show ended with Escape sequence Who remembered Open world aspect For deliveries that will have a large map size. This brings Ubisoft Forward to a total of 10 games.

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