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Artist Marco Antonio Solis presented his world tour in Tegucigalpa

Artist Marco Antonio Solis presented his world tour in Tegucigalpa

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- Every appointment with Marco Antonio Solis is a special occasion, the artist of generations never disappoints, his complete dedication on stage triumphs, with a repertoire that takes him on a musical journey through the years.

The artist also known as “Bucky” He appeared again in Tegucigalpa with his tour “Bucky World Tour” Which prompted him to introduce himself A major event across the United States And much of Latin America.

The ceremony witnessed production BMP It was sponsored Herald.

In this tour, the generational artist showcases his greatest hits, in which he also sings songs from Hondurans. Pokiesthe group that catapulted him to international fame.

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Dressed in an impeccable black suit covered in rhinestones, Marco Antonio took to the stage backed by a band. 20 musicians consisting of trumpets, trombones, electric and acoustic guitars, drums and piano, as well as four dancers.

Solis was grateful for the applause of an enthusiastic audience that echoed every song throughout the more than two-hour evening. After singing “I Can’t Forget Her” and “God Bless Our Love,” the singer expressed his gratitude and affection that the Honduran audience always shows.

The tracklist spanned Solis’s decades-long career and extensive catalog, including… “And Now You’re Going”, “Jealous”, “If I Could Lie to You”, “I Accept My Defeat”, “Blessed Blessing”, “My Eternal Secret Love”, “More Than Your Friend” and “Either I Go or You Go”, For example but not limited to. Of course, he sang one of the greatest Los Boques songs, “Your prison”to which he gave a wonderful introduction in which he recalled that he wrote the song in 1986.

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Marco Antonio Solis is one of the most famous artists in the history of Latin music, with a distinguished careerIt spans nearly five decades.

Honduran artist Tylo Paz premieres the first cover of the song “Your Prison” by Marco Antonio Solis

The multi-talented composer, arranger, producer, musician, artistic director and performer has won the hearts of countless fans around the world and across generations with his extraordinary catalog of deep and romantic songs.

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