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Arrests of immigrants in the United States will decrease

Arrests of immigrants in the United States will decrease

(CNN) – According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data in the United States, the number of immigration arrests in the United States under President Joe Biden has dropped compared to his predecessor. Released on Friday.

Under Biden’s administration, the Department of Homeland Security implemented a series of policy changes to mark the Trump administration’s withdrawal from aggression. This includes modifying guidelines to focus arrests on national security, public security and border security risks.

According to agency data, ICE’s enforcement and removal measures in fiscal year 2021 accounted for 74,000 executive arrests – for immigration offenses – less than during the Trump administration’s annual administrative arrests. 100,000. ICE, under the previous administration, gave agents more freedom to make arrests.

Senior ICE officials stressed the impact of the epidemic on operations on Friday, citing the difficulty in comparing data with previous years.

“I can’t stress enough the impact it has had on the Govt agency over the past year and a half, but of course [durante] This financial year, ”said a senior official.

Fiscal year 2021 data covers the final months of the Trump administration and the beginning of the Biden era.

Newly released data show that a total of 45,755 arrests have been made since the ICE changed its guidelines last February under the Biden administration. Nearly half of those arrested are criminals and 55% of those arrested are classified as “border security threats”, including those arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol.

The return to the priority system for arrests is one of several policy changes established under the Biden administration. Over the past year, the ICE has terminated contracts with two detention centers, stopped long-term detention of families, halted large-scale immigration checks in the workplace, and began to move toward alternative routes such as electronic bracelets on the ankles.

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A senior ICE official told reporters on Friday that “the concentrated approach has brought measurable success”, for example, doubling the number of worse criminal arrests than the previous year.

Deportations also plummeted in the first year of the Biden administration. ICE deported 59,000 people last year, up from 185,884 the previous year.

ICE Director Day Johnson, who headed the agency during Ed Gonzalez’s long confirmation process as ICE Director, oversees structural changes.

This week, heFor Gonzalez’s confirmation The intra-party complaint arose as the Senate Democrats dropped the vote to put forward his candidacy. The White House has said it still stands by Gonzalez’s allegations that the allegations in the complaint are false.

Immigrant lawyers and Democrat lawmakers have welcomed the changes to the ICE, criticizing their continued use in personal custody and access to the Covit-19 vaccine for detainees.

Earlier this month, the American Civil Liberties Union filed a nationwide class action lawsuit against ICE, accusing the federal agency of failing to provide booster shots against COVID-19 to medically vulnerable inmates.

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