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Argentina: Alberto Fernandez withdraws his criticism of the United States |  International

Argentina: Alberto Fernandez withdraws his criticism of the United States | International

Left groups, social movements and unions marched last Tuesday against the deal between the Alberto Fernandez government and the IMF.Enrique Garcia Medina (EFE)

Alberto Fernandez tried to defuse this SaturdayHe confused it with the United States During the tour he traveled to Russia and China in the first week of February. After accusing the White House of not supporting him in his talks with the IMF, he said after the conclusion of an agreement at the end of January that “the current US government has backed Argentina by its vote.” “I appreciate it,” he said A long thread on their social networks In it he also defended his country’s relations with Moscow and Beijing.

Fernandez’s words are the result of a week of diplomatic tension. Argentina has announced that it will use the Kremlin to reduce its dependence on the International Monetary Fund and the United States. Argentina announced to Vladimir Putin that Russia would be the “gateway” to Latin America. A few days later, in China, he praised the Maoist revolution. The period of the geopolitical agenda used by the President is not in the original script written by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Buenos Aires. And it collapsed the worst in Washington.

The State Department did not release public statements, but the newspaper stated its position through a confidential source. Nation He responded Thursday on his first page. The U.S. official clarified the government’s displeasure with Fernandez, listed the gestures made by the White House, and expressed his willingness to support Argentina above all else.

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The approval of the United States is important for negotiations with the IMF Signing a contract. It is an urgent time for Argentina to pay 19,000 of the 44,000 million received by the Mauricio Macri government as financial recovery material in 2018. A new cessation of payment.

Before concluding his Asian tour, Fernandez confirmed his criticism by talking to the Argentine media via video conference. “Who helped me? The European countries helped me financially, China helped me, Russia helped me, the American countries and I stand there. I know who did a lot for that loan. I know that, the previous US government, ”he said, referring to the Donald Trump administration and its efforts to help Macri. This Saturday he stepped back, acknowledging North American aid and taking steam from the political consequences of his visit to Russia amid expanding in Ukraine and China.

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“I do not know why this issue has raised so much dust. Does traveling to Russia and China mean that we want to have a bad relationship with the United States?” Not sure what that has to do with one another. The truth is, we went to Russia and China to further strengthen and enhance our trade and financial ties when Argentina needed it, ”Fernandez told local radio, who had already begun his new position on Twitter. White House. “Argentina has no permanent or permanent friends or enemies, and it is a matter of permanent defense of its interests,” he added. The signed agreement still needs the approval of the IMF panel to come into force, and Argentina will depend on the United States in 2018.

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