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El Pentágono habla con aliados de OTAN para explicarles medidas ante Rusia

The Pentagon is in talks with NATO allies to explain its actions to Russia

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin yesterday reaffirmed his commitment to “joint security” against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, explaining the steps his country has taken with NATO allies.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby explained in a statement that Austin had explained to his NATO correspondents the US perspective on the “position of the Russian military forces around Ukraine.”

In particular, Austin “clarified” that the United States continues to see signs of Russian military expansion, including the arrival of new troops on the border with Ukraine, and reiterated that an invasion of Moscow on Ukrainian soil could begin at any time.

In particular, the Minister of Defense spoke with his colleagues from Poland, Marius Blaszczyk; From Germany, Christine Lambrecht; From Canada, Anita Anand; From France, Florence Barley; From Romania, Vasile Dinku and Italy, Lorenzo Curini.

During those contacts, Austin underlined Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and the United States’ “unfulfilled commitment to collective security.”

This article establishes that attacking any Allies is an attack on all.

Austin thanked Ukraine for its support, NATO’s guarantees and preventive measures, and especially thanked Poland, Germany and Romania for providing more US troops.

The Pentagon on Friday ordered the deployment of 3,000 additional troops in Poland ahead of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, on the orders of President Joe Biden.

These will join the 1,700 U.S. troops that the Pentagon announced it would send to Poland earlier this month, two-thirds of which had already reached their target.

On February 2, the US Defense Department announced that it had sent 3,000 troops to allied countries in Eastern Europe: 1,000 to Romania, 1,700 to Poland and 300 to Germany. They will all be under US command, not NATO.

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Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan have warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is possible during the Winter Olympics in Beijing until February 20.