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Unusual: A black bear cub washed up on a crowded Florida beach and drowned

Unusual: A black bear cub washed up on a crowded Florida beach and drowned

A black bear cub splashes in the ocean in Florida

Little Black bear surprised the bathers Destin, FloridaWhen it appeared splashing through the waves From the crowded beach.

The bizarre moment was captured by Chris Barron in a video that shows the animal swimming towards shore next to people relaxing in the water to beat the high temperatures.

Witnesses said they thought it was a dog at first. Other clips of the bear posted on social media show the animalHe runs away from the beach As soon as it emerges from the water.

“The bear was far away. Several people started swimming. I was worried it was a shark. I approached and I thought it was a dogBaron said Storytelling. “At that moment, I realized it was a bear and started shooting. He kept swimming. He came ashore, shook himself off, and ran into the brush of sand dunes. I think so Most people were surprised rather than scared. You don’t expect to see a bear in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Two species found in the state of Florida American black bear and Florida black bear. They are not usually found on crowded beaches.

Despite their large build, bears are expert swimmers. They often search bodies of water to catch prey such as fish, especially salmon, or swim across the ocean to reach another area and search for better food sources.

The animal was not aggressive towards bathers, and it is not clear how it managed to get into the water before being filmed.

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