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Arevalo confirms that the prosecutor “refuses to obey the law”

Arevalo confirms that the prosecutor “refuses to obey the law”

I have no personal conflict with the prosecutor.“She (Porras Argueta) simply refuses to comply with the law,” Arevalo de Leon said when asked by reporters at a press conference whether he had reached some kind of truce with the prosecutor.

The 67-year-old president added this The law requires the Public Prosecutor to coordinate with the President in ministerial meetings “We know what his actions were in the past.”

Arevalo de Leon confirmed this as he approached completing two months in the presidency Action will be taken against the Attorney GeneralWho was unable to meet him during the month of January, after two failed attempts to meet.

During his first month in office, Arevalo de León sent his Interior Minister, Francisco Jiménez, To coordinate procedures with the Attorney General on security matters.

On January 3, before taking office, Arevalo de León confirmed this in an interview with EFE I demand the resignation of the Attorney General. However, within his first 45 days in office This was not explicitly requested.

The representative responded

After the statements of Bernardo Arevalo. The Public Ministry responded through its X account He stressed that the Public Prosecutor “is responsible for strict adherence to the laws of the country.”

“The President has initiated a meeting of the Council of Ministers, and the Political Constitution of the Republic and the Law on Executive Power clearly define the manner in which the Council shall be integrated before him.” This may not be composed of persons other than those stipulated by the lawThe representative says regarding the invitation extended by the President to the Attorney General to participate in the Cabinet session.

Moreover, the deputy said that the Prosecutor The President called for a meeting “to coordinate joint efforts between institutions on behalf of victims of crime.”This was done after a meeting with the Ministry of Interior, commissioned by the President of the Republic.

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Last week, Canada joined the United States and the European Union Sanctions against Boras Argueta, as well as against the prosecutors and judge involved In attempts to “undermine democracy.”

Trip to Europe

Arevalo de Leon returned on Monday from a ten-day trip through Europe, where… He held meetings with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro SanchezIn addition to meetings with various organizations such as the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk.