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Aracely Arámbula reveals a strong reason why she doesn't have a partner after Luis Miguel

Aracely Arámbula reveals a strong reason why she doesn’t have a partner after Luis Miguel

Arasili Arambola He admitted that he didn’t have any stable partner after he ended up with him Luis Miguel, Who is the father of her two children? The actress returned to Mexican television where she revealed the strong reason why she was never courted despite being one of the most beautiful women on the show.

collie“and the singer”Guilty or not?“They started a relationship in 2005; after a while, they had their children Miguel and Daniel Gallego Arambola, However, after four years together, the couple broke up. From that moment on, the so-called “Mexico’s sun He found himself in the midst of controversy, we will It is said that he did not provide the relevant support From the young ones aged 15 and 13 already.

Aracely Arámbula reveals why she doesn’t have a boyfriend

despite of anciently She is one of the most beautiful artists in the art worldShe did not have a boyfriend, as the actress revealed during a meeting with the press, where she provided some details about the new version of. “step mother”, telenovela which marks his return to the small screen in Mexico.

The singer also confirmed that she is very involved in her projects, so she has not found anyone to cope with the busy life she is living. “I have so much love with my dogs. I am very busy I think a couple I won’t keep my pace because the truth is I’m into a thousand things. until now no “.

Upon returning to television, arambola Talk about his acting partner Andres Palacios in “step mother She confirmed that both of them have an excellent relationship, as well as the chemistry of the work that he will reflect in each scene. “The only real thing is that we are very good friends. We love each other very much and it is so wonderful to work with someone I already have that feeling of wanting to work together and get to know each other,” he said.

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