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Así está el cambio de divisas en Cuba

Application to buy dollars and other currencies will be available in the eastern provinces

Soon, the Ticket application for purchasing currency will be available in the eastern provinces of the country. According to its developers, this will get rid of long physical queues, which will be replaced by a virtual queue, with role assignment.The bank that houses exchange companies (CADECA) made the announcement, although the exact date the ticket will operate in that part of the country has not been specified. The institutions of Las Tunas, Granma, Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo are included in this phase.

He announced that operations will start this Monday morning at CADECAS in Las Tunas, as well as in Manzanillo and Bayamo, in the province of Granma. In the afternoon, they can start using the app in Santiago de Cuba and Guantanamo. The only thing to know is the date when the digital ticket application will be enabled in Holguín.

Ticket is an online reservation system, which can be used for many services, such as restaurants, hairdressers or government paper offices. CADECA’s testing phase has begun in Santa Clara, and according to entity executives, it should be operational throughout Cuba before the end of the year.

Application to buy dollars in Cuba

To book an appointment to buy dollars, the first thing you need to do is register with your name and ID number on the platform. Then select the service you want to book and the day. If there is availability, the time is indicated and the appointment is confirmed.

If demand for a service exceeds supply, a “virtual waiting room” is activated. There, automatically, roles are given in the order in which people applied.

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Users who have made a reservation must go to CADECA with their ID card on the specified date and time. Each ticket is personal and non-transferable, although when booking it is allowed to declare three patrons, who are the only ones authorized to consume the shift.

The ticket is available for PC at Ticket.xutil.net, while for Android mobile devices it can be downloaded at www.apklis.cu.

It will provide facilities for those who do not have Android mobile phones or a computer.