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Apple adds color to the iPhone 15 charger: that’s the rumour

Apple adds color to the iPhone 15 charger: that’s the rumour

iPhone 15 is totally expected by Apple users.

Everything seems to point to the next iPhone 15 Devices will be the first manzana Say goodbye to its exclusive charging port and say hello to the USB-C connector. With this measure, the company expects to comply with European regulations that stipulate the obligation to use this type of connector to charge devices from the end of 2024.

The latest iPhone 15 rumors would reinforce the strategy: colorful USB-C cables for users to integrate their mobile phones.

These will be the colorful USB-C cables for the iPhone 15.X: @MajinBuOfficial

It seems reasonable to think that these cables would be optional and would have to be paid for separately, and that Apple would probably include an official “normal” USB-C cable but it’s more limited in features than this theoretical “premium” cable it could make use of selling independently.

Based on the rumors, there is doubt as to whether or not the cables will be Optional or included. Although Apple has stopped including chargers in iPhone boxes, they still include cables. If these new colored cables are confirmed, it’s worth wondering if they’ll be the standard cables for the iPhone 15 and if Apple will include them in the box.

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On the other hand, information has been leaked about the alleged colors of the cell phone itself.

According to 9to5Mac, the iPhone 15 Pro You’ll welcome two new colors, while saying goodbye to two familiar shades. Changes in Apple’s color palette aren’t new, so the company decided to drop gold and purple in favor of gray and blue.

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Titan Gray is a unique blend of Space Gray and Silver, which currently makes up the color rendition on these devices, and aims to provide a more elegant option.

Upcoming Apple cell phones will also have colored cables. (9to5Mac)

The leaks don’t stop there. In addition to determining the color that will be added to the catalog, other shades that Apple will apply in its next cell phone have been confirmed.

In the information posted by 9to5Mac Red is excludedwhich is one of the recently speculated colors for the Pro versions.

The colors detected were the following:

iPhone 15 (standard):

– black.

– yellow.

– red.

– purple.

– purple

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iPhone 15 Pro

Space black.

Space black.

– ashen.

– blue.

for now, manzana He did not confirm anything, as all official information will be announced in the coming weeks presentation, which includes its details iOS 17the next version of the operating system for mobile devices.