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Anuel: 'This year they tried to destroy my career'

Anuel: ‘This year they tried to destroy my career’

So far in 2022, the founding of urban music Anuel AA, he has been involved in various troubles, especially the skirts, as they say in the Good Dominican. For this reason, it has been on everyone’s lips and has even become a trend on social networks.

This is why Puerto Ricans roar Instagram Against the countless posts by both the media and social network users about him, his Dominican wife Yailin most popular; From his alleged lover and the woman who claims to have Son with the singer. Ah and even accusing his ex-wife of parental neglect.

In that order, he stated this year They tried everything to ruin his career, but he made it clear that they wouldn’t be able to because he was blessed by God.

Among the many things they did to destroy a race From Puerto Rico, he stated that they paid women he “didn’t know” to say they had an affair with him or that they were having an affair with him.

In writing he posted on his “Story” Instagramindicating that they pushed “al-Naba” to continue attacking him, and invent “all kinds of lies” as if he was the worst human in this world.

“That is why God blessed me the way He blessed me. God does not leave the righteous to shame, even the Bible says so.”

He urged everyone who “attacks him” to stop lying to the public “or keep lying to him…I don’t care”.

Emmanuel Gazmee Santiago, the singer’s real name, warned that if they couldn’t destroy him a race This year “with so many lies” and manipulation against loved ones, they will not be able to.

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“Talk about how everything I make becomes trendy #1,” noted the translator of songs like “Secreto,” “Adicto,” and “Jeepeta,” emphasizing that the street is burning right now.

In this year so far Anuel It has been a topic of conversation for many, either because of their songs or because of their connection to “La más viral”, which also seemed to be going wrong, in fact, a possible separation was speculated.

It has also been said that this crisis is supposed to have a name and surname, the Colombian influencer Sharza Morellwho posted in various messages Instagram Ben was left seeing that there was a love affair between Puerto Rico and her.


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