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Anuel attacks DJ for playing Karol G at a nightclub in Orlando

Anuel attacks DJ for playing Karol G at a nightclub in Orlando

If Anuel AA thought the controversy over his breakup with his new partner, “Yailin, the hottest”, was the worst thing that could happen to him these days, he was wrong. In a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a DJ put out a song for his ex-partner Carol J, which caused a certain reaction, for which he was criticized. what happened? Here are the details.

Enjoying the atmosphere of the place, the modern musician chatted with many friends. The DJ, who noticed the artist’s presence in the place, did not hesitate to “entertain” him by placing many of his songs. According to the guy, there were about 15 Puerto Rican songs he played that day, until he decided to play one of Karol G.

The song “Mamiii” was one of Colombia’s last hits along with Becky G, which the jockey confirmed was a request from the audience and that “the audience is the boss.” What was Anuel’s reaction? He threw a piece of ice at the person in charge of setting the music in that nightclub; The latter did not know who was in charge until they showed him a video clip showing the artist performing.

“My bad if I offended someone; well, in this case I offended Anuel, but the audience is the boss,” the DJ explained after finding out who his attacker was. “I thought the guy was more professional […] I didn’t expect that from a great and famous artist like him,” added the victim of the “La Jeepeta” author.

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Photos were shared and spread on social networks, where netizens took it upon themselves to blame Puerto Rican’s attitude to the topic of his ex-partner. “What an immature guy; Carol J must be dying of laughter,” comments one user; Another writes: “It still hurts him… It’s clear he loves Carol and what hurts him the most is that she didn’t forgive him.”