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Another former participant in “Celebrity House” reveals her trends

Another former participant in “Celebrity House” reveals her trends

After success “Celebrity House 4”, Former residents continue to provide something to talk about. a few days ago, Rodrigo Rome, Runner-up on the reality show admitted it He is considered sane.

In this context, the “Hoy día” program was controversial Christina Portawho was also part of the reality show and when asked what the person who conquers her heart should look like, the journalist of Spanish origin confessed her sexual orientation.

Christina noted that like Romé, she also considers herself sexually sensible because she is attracted to intelligent people.

In case you don’t see it: Rodrigo Rome from Celebrity House admits that he is sane

“I believe that (from Romans). He is a very smart man. I’m also sanebut there are other things, but I think when you get to an age, you ask for a little more. I’m also sensible, that’s why we’re single, because we’re so demanding“, she confessed before boarding a flight to Spain to meet her family, but with the promise of returning to Mexico and Telemundo with the projects waiting for her.

Christina says so He didn’t find a reality show partner precisely because he’s sane And he doesn’t just look at the body: “That house was full of muscles and good-looking boys, and (they conquered me) they needed nothing moreSo no, fitness is definitely not the most important thing.

Finally, Porta explained that a few days ago she said on social networks that she was “in love,” but she was referring to a pet they had on the plane, but not to a person who had previously occupied her heart: “I don’t know what it is,” she joked. “If only the time had come for me to have a friend, but at the moment there is a little dog that attracts my attention more.”

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Cristina Porta says she’s sane/Instagram

What does it mean to be “smart”?

Sexual intelligence is an attraction that focuses on the intellectual qualities of humans. This is the term that defines Sexual attraction to one person’s intelligence to another Although the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) still does not recognize the term it seeks to put aside stereotypes to focus on internal matters.

Some characteristics of sexual intelligence are: Attraction to intelligenceReal attraction, looking for a partner with high levels of intelligence They ignore physical beauty, age or gender. It is more common among women. If you are interested in the topic, you can read more here.

In addition to Rome and Cristina, Marco Antonio Rigel is another famous person who declared himself “smart”.

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Romeh admitted to being sane/Instagram