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Angelica Vale looks super skinny in Premios lo Nuestro

Angelica Vale looks super skinny in Premios lo Nuestro

With the beauty and true friendliness that distinguishes her from the wonderful Mexican actress most beautiful uglyAnd the Angelica Valley He looks so skinny Lo Nuestro AwardsHighlights a slim waist and unparalleled beauty. The daughter of the legendary actress Angelica Maria The comedian Raoul ValleyHe looked years younger, and stole the camera during the event.

Since arriving on the purple carpet, Angelica Valley She attracted attention with her elegant figure, who was distinguished by an elegant and beautiful dress that marked her defined waist, and was accompanied by an elegant hairstyle and makeup, which added to her beauty. beauty.

With her characteristic sense of humor, but with the recognition that nerves have swept her since leaving the hotel, the actress acted in soap operas. Friends and rivals And the dreamers She wore her tight black dress to the torso and with a large slit in the front, but at the same time thin, which contrasted with a skirt printed with black flowers on a white background.

Since before I go Lo Nuestro AwardAnd the Angelica Valley He documented his career through his Instagram account, where he admitted how excited he was to be in Miami in celebration, and about the new projects he has in the States.

“Oh why do I always get so nervous when these things are always on the carpet, why?” asked Angelica Valli on the way to the party.

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The 46-year-old actress explained that none of the attendees attended Lo Nuestro Award They were wearing a muzzle, because they had all been tested for the virus, and they did not let anyone who was positive through, in addition to the fact that they all had vaccinations.

In this edition of Lo Nuestro Awards The hosts were Alejandra Espinosa, David BisbalGabriel Soto and Yuri, as well as the great talents responsible for delivering each award, as with Angelica Valley. Without a doubt, a night full of emotions, reunion, good music and lots of sparkle.