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Angela Aguilar sings for the Virgin of Guadalupe in a very Mexican red dress |  Photo

Angela Aguilar sings for the Virgin of Guadalupe in a very Mexican red dress | Photo

Young singer of Mexican folk music And the daughter of talented musician and producer Bebe Aguilar, Angela AguilarOn Saturday night, December 11th, we were surprised by a very beautiful suit honoring one of the most symbolic celebrations in the world Mexico And in the world a day in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Like other actresses and singers, Angela wore her best dress tonight to sing to the mother of all the world’s Catholics, the traditional mananitas, a very Mexican tradition in which many dedicated performers are honored and thanked for the privileges received Moreneta del Tepic.

Youngest daughter of Baby Aguilar Dazzled by a very strange and traditional dress to show before Virgin of Guadalupe, in a festive context and honoring her Mexican roots in a red dress, with some detailing on the belly and wearing an emerald green sash.

What a beautiful morning… ?? las mañanitas is now available on all digital platforms! Hope I can accompany them in their special moments?

Guadaluban enthusiasm

The singer appears on her account Instagram In front of the altar in honor of Virgin of Tepic, next to Juan Diego’s photo at the foot of Guadalubana, in one of the scenes that arouse the greatest enthusiasm among Mexicans on December 12 of each year.

On the altar in honor of the brunette woman are dozens of candles and white (mostly pink) flowers, as well as other red roses, while Angela stands out in Photography with him stylized figure And his huge smile.

On December 12th every year, millions of Mexicans and Catholics around the world honor and appreciate their presence in their lives. Virgin of GuadalupeOne of the most important symbols of the Catholic Church in the world and in history.

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