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Angela Aguilar sang the national anthem for the fight "Canelo" Alvarez in May and harsh criticism of her |  Video

Angela Aguilar sang the national anthem for the fight “Canelo” Alvarez in May and harsh criticism of her | Video

Singer Angela Aguilar, One of the most popular and most admired young characters by audiences alike Mexico As of the United States, he has not been exempted from criticism in his music career, evidence of this happened in a boxing match for the multiple world champion, Saúl ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, Only last May, who will fight tonight’s fight between “Canillo” and the boxer, Caleb Factory.

The singer is part of the Aguilar dynasty recognized in Mexico and in most countries United States and Latin America, by his father Bebe Aguilar, his grandparents, Fleur Sylvester and Don Antonio Aguilar; However, this does not excuse him from suddenly making some “mistakes” in trying to make a presentation in his presentations.

Something like this happened tonight May 8, 2021, on the special occasion of the Cinco de Mayo festivities in Mexico and the United States (a date they consider as Mexico’s independence), on that occasion,CanilloI was going to the ring to face Billy Joe Saunders.

The setting was perfect for Angela Show off his voice and give a sample of his talent, though, as they say colloquially He put a lot of cream on his tacosAt the time of singing the Mexican national anthem, the piece was a nuisance to many notable personalities such as Pablo Montero or sad rememberers, Jorge Cook Muniz.

His father explodes

The night of the fight between Canelo and SaundersAnd Angela She rose with conviction to provide an excellent translation, however, both users on social networks and viewers on TV criticized her harshly for the way she sings and also for the style more closely related to what they do american stars with him National anthem.

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Another point that caught my attention is that the singer lost her in some parts Message Subject And although he was not mistaken, it was strange to hear the version he ran, which was not only worthy of criticism, but also worth spreading on networks with HT. #HimnoNacionaldeAngela With what fans asked Ministry of the Interior (Sejoub)And punish the young woman for her performance.

It didn’t go any further, because will roam She stated that the interpretation was respectful and that there was never any intention to insult one of the world’s greatest Mexican icons.

It seems like it’s still there, however, the one who exploded was a father Angela Pepe Aguilar, who criticized “bad milk” from Hobby Because they are more concerned about their daughter’s performance than they are about reopening events after a complicated year because covid-19 pandemic and victory Saul Alvarez.

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