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Ángela Aguilar Looks Like a 'Mayan Goddess' in Traditional Costume: Videos

Ángela Aguilar Looks Like a ‘Mayan Goddess’ in Traditional Costume: Videos

“Garibo Without Borders” is a show starring Pepe, Leonardo and Angela AguilarArtists continue to highlight Ranchero’s heritage and regional music and celebrate their traditions when they visit some city in the country or the United States.

Recently appeared in Yucatan Having set foot on the peninsula, they did not hesitate to share their stay, how they were received and how they had a good time. The youngest of the Aguilars was the one who uploaded several photos to her official accounts on social networks, showing off the elegant and light outfits she chose for the hot city, with all her style, that she was taking in some magical angles.

During the event singer Regional Mexican He proudly wore a typical costume of Yucatan And she amazed viewers with her beauty and pregnancy, in many videos and photos that were broadcast from the special family night Aguilar The star you see in a special dress.

What do Angela Aguilar’s clothes represent?

Singer Hoebel wore white with embroidered details in shades of pink, purple, and red, and the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI) notes that the word “huipil” It comes from the Nahuatl “huipilli”, which means decorated blouse or dress, and is one of the most profound customs of that region.

Screenshot. I’m a group

To complete a translator “Wherever they see me” And “she who gave you,” she chose several very colorful gold necklaces, and as for makeup, she preferred something comfortable but with red lips.

ngela Aguilar, in addition to traveling with her father and brother in “Jaripeo sin Fronteras”, appears alone on her tour “Mexican in love”It is the name of his new album, which has already won several awards and certificates of appreciation.

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