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This is the woman that Pique was not loyal to Shakira

This is the woman that Pique was not loyal to Shakira


You will live through days of extreme stress Effects s Shakira After the information you posted Newspaper About the player’s alleged infidelity towards his partner. And the previous source indicates that the singer, in addition to knowing about the player’s confrontation with a young woman, gives him a face and a name.

Pique attacks a journalist and reveals his salary in Barcelona

The aforementioned source spoke with various journalists and photographers who follow the couple day after day and agree that the relationship between the two has been “cold” for weeks. They add, “At their children’s school they allowed themselves to be seen as a perfectly adequate couple, but the truth is that they rarely talk to each other nowadays.”

They revealed: “Pique was seen several times with a young woman and this would have caused the player to move to his bachelor apartment, because Shakira would be aware of those dates and would be angry.” Lauren Vasquez s Laura Faghreporters from Newspaper And those responsible for revealing the alleged scandal.

What does Pique’s special girlfriend look like?

The woman who is torn between them Effects s Shakira She is “a blonde young woman in her twenties. She is studying and working as an event host,” the reporter says. Lauren Vasquez.

Shakya confessed to not marrying Pique

Callers add that “the appearance of this young woman in Pique’s life could have caused the couple to live temporarily separated, despite the fact that we do not know the nature of their relationship.”

Emilio Perez de RosasHe is also a contributor to NewspaperHe explained that the couple is going through one of their worst moments since they met in 2010. So much so, that the new song goes through it Shakira (I congratulate you) is a statement of reprimand towards the defender of Barcelona.

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until now no Effects Neither Shakira They spoke publicly about the alleged breakup. In fact, they have not appeared together since March 13th.

The barista recently traveled to Ibiza with her children and Cannes to attend the film festival on her own, without the football player.