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And keep fighting!  Barcelona defeats El Nacional and regains the lead in the second stage  National Championship |  Sports

And keep fighting! Barcelona defeats El Nacional and regains the lead in the second stage National Championship | Sports

Although with A tight win, Barcelona keeps its options to Winning the second stage and qualifying for the final in the professional league. Bullfighters They beat El Nacional 3-2 at home They regained the top spot in the standings.

With some drama at the end Yellow was able to maintain the advantage and retain the three points to return to the top of the standingsWaiting for what was disputed on the calendar to be completed with a postponed match between Tecnico Universitario and Liga de Quito, which is the other option to win the stage.

“We had two paths and we took them both: Copa Sudamericana and Liga Pro,” says Luis Zubeldia, coach of Liga de Quito.

The place came out lively and went over the Creole Arch. Constant pressure to put the rear guard in trouble, That in the first 15 minutes he had to go to the extreme to keep the zero in his goal.

Barcelona dominated the offensive gameadded items in the area and Forced the opponent to commit a foulWho failed to control the ball and failed to handle and deliver it.

Bullfighters They controlled the midfieldThey came close to Dani Cabezas’ goal, but they lacked depth, allowing the visitors to settle on the pitch and balance the game.

It took the visitors 29 minutes to reach Javier Burray’s goal directly It was with a medium-range shot from Ronnie Borja, which forced the goalkeeper’s hand to send the ball over his goal.

But when the visitor woke up, A A new defect in the areato leave The ball was sent to Francisco Fydriszewski (35 minutes) Even when he was surprised by the play, he managed to end the match with a little luck (1-0) to put the ball in the corner and encourage the bullfighter’s enthusiasm to return to the lead.

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also An error at the start caused the Creole’s goal. Recovering the ball and instantly linking up with a pass from Manuel Balda over the defenders and backs Jorge Ordonez, who fired in a powerful shot for Buray to make it 1-1 in the 38th minute.

As in the beginning, Barcelona pressed in the second half They took a 3-1 lead with goals from Wiedryszewski and Adonis Preciado, but the Creoles scored nine minutes from time to create drama at the Banco Pichincha stadium.

Local residents took advantage of the competitor’s mistakeswith the polishing In a position that the Creole goalkeeper could not contain Header in the 67th minute Which made the score 2-1.

to Minute 77the closure of Chála in the region was approved Penalty kick for a foul on Christian Ortiz, converted by Preciado to make the score 3-1.

In the last part of the game Looks like the feature has arrived To avoid any surprises, but when the Creoles arrived the outcome changed. Chala’s header made it 3-2 in the 81st minute.

The closing minutes were back and forth. The Creoles reacted and went to a drawBut time was short for Ever Hugo Almeida’s team, which… They went on a 15-date unbeaten streak They now have a remote possibility of getting a ticket to the Copa Libertadores through the accumulated table.

Barcelona returned to the lead by adding 25 points1 above League, in which a postponed match will be played on Wednesday Before the technology, through which you will learn the truth about the position table. (Dr)

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