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An athlete thought he'd been Alessandra Ambrosio's boyfriend for 15 years

An athlete thought he’d been Alessandra Ambrosio’s boyfriend for 15 years

An unusual event in Italy. Volleyball player Roberto Casanega spent 15 years believing that Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio was his girlfriend. He was a victim A scam worth more than 700 thousand euros, which means more than 17 million Mexican pesos.

The story “Love” began when Manuela, A former classmate of Cazzaniga, give him a girl number She called herself “Maya” to protect her identity, because according to what she told her, she was a famous modeling star desired all over the world.

I had no doubts: for me it was her. It made me feel good, it consoled me,” the New Matter Serie B volleyball player told Mediaset, who admitted that He was pleased with the sound who listened to the other end of the phone and thus maintained a long-distance relationship.

Because of the seductive power of a woman, who sent him pictures of the model in which she appeared wearing make-up or changing before the modeling session, Cazzaniga started sending him money more often.

however, The reasons the girl gave himwho claimed to live in Cagliari, In order not to see each other, they were raising their tone of voice: “I made a thousand excuses, sickness, work. However, I fell in love with that sound, it was call after call. We only had contact by mobile, and it was almost daily. I called her before going to training and the player said “or at night before lying down.

“It was impossible to find us near you Ongoing business trips And that severe heart disease who told me she was constantly hospitalized. I sent those bank wires they left for me on the street.”

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How did you know the truth?

due to debt, Kazaniga turned to his family and friends to lend him money Thus, he can continue to fulfill the requirements of his “girlfriend”.

Women’s insistence For the player to deposit it began to raise New mother’s colleague’s suspicions, who launched an investigation against “Maya” and was assisted by journalist Ismail Lavardera Find out the truth.

Kazaniga’s supposed girlfriend, who pretends to be Alessandra Ambrosio, was actually A 50-year-old woman who used to live in Sardinia is Valeria.

in this way, Confront his crooked peers to open Kazaniga’s eyes: “Roberto was in his world and in his beliefs. That’s why I noticed his astonished face when Manuela confirmed that she did not know him. It was a big blow for Kazaniga, at that moment he realized everything. It must have been terrible for him.”

They raise money to help you

for this fact, Roberto Casanega ended up with a debt of 60,000 euros, but his teammates decided to help him move forward, so they started fundraising So you can pay off your debts with the bank.