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Ancelotti came out to clarify his statements in which he stated that Real Madrid would not participate in the Club World Cup

Ancelotti came out to clarify his statements in which he stated that Real Madrid would not participate in the Club World Cup

Real Madrid technical director Carlo Ancelotti He issued a controversial statement He put the club’s presence in the upcoming Club World Cup under control, but then saw the need to come out and clarify his statements.

Coach of the team that was defeated Borussia Dortmund In the 2023/24 Champions League Grand Final, he confirmed that Merengue would reject his presence. He added, “FIFA forgets that players and clubs will not participate in that tournament. One Real Madrid match is worth 20 million, and FIFA wants to give us this amount in exchange for the entire cup. Negative.”

Moreover, Ancelotti confirmed that Real Madrid would not be the only team to refuse. Carlo told the newspaper: “Like us, other clubs will reject the invitation.” El Journal.

After hours of uproar caused by his statement in the football world, Carlo himself clarified his statements on his own account. s“In my interview with Il Giornale newspaper, My words about the FIFA Club World Cup were not interpreted the way I intended. “Nothing could be further from my interest than turning down the possibility of playing in the tournament, which I consider to be a great opportunity to continue fighting for big titles with Real Madrid.”

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The Italian coach managed to win this season His fifth Champions League as coach, an absolute record for the competition. It is the third victory on the bench for Real Madrid (2014, 2022 and 2024), in addition to the two wins as coach of Milan (2003 and 2007).

But also We must add two titles as a player that we won at RossoneroWhen it was still called the European Cup in 1989 and 1990.

This makes him the person with the most Champions League titles, leaving behind Paco Gento and four of his managers (Carvajal, Kroos, Modric and Nacho) and only Real Madrid themselves surpassing him in titles.

European giants such as Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Liverpool look to the formidable Carlito and Milan have him alongside them on the historic podium.

Real Madrid had to come out to clarify Carlo Ancelotti’s statements

Almost simultaneously with the position of coach, Real Madrid launched a campaign An official statement denying the absence from the tournament organized by FIFA.

Real Madrid C. F. announces that at no time has its participation in the new FIFA Club World Cup been called into question. In the next 2024/2025 season,” begins the brief writing that the club came out with to refute Ancelotti’s statements.

Real Madrid’s official statement concluded: “Therefore, our club will compete, as planned, in this official competition that we face with pride and with the utmost enthusiasm to make millions of our fans around the world once again dream of a new title.”

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The new ‘Super Club World Cup’, the first edition of which will be held in 2025, is beginning to define its appearance, with the majority of teams already seeded.

The first edition will be in the United States. start at On June 15 and the final on July 13. In other words, its duration will be similar to that of the Senior World Cup.

There will be 32 participating clubs from the six regional associations. Europe will have 12 representatives; South America with 6; CONCACAF, Africa and Asia with 4 and Oceania with 1. In addition, there will be a club from the United States as organizer.

What will it look like? It will be the same World Cup for national teams until Qatar 2022. That is, there will be eight groups of four teams, and the top two teams will qualify for the round of 16. There, the qualifiers for one match until the final will begin.

There are two ways to qualify: With the exception of Oceania, champions of the main competition from each continent from the last four years (between 2021 and 2024) will qualify. In addition, a ranking will be created to complete the representatives of each federation.