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[Análisis] Pokémon Unite para Nintendo Switch

[Análisis] Pokemon Unite Para Nintendo Switch – Nintendos

The Pokémon Company has launched various gameplay styles into the Pokémon saga over the years, from fighting games like Pokén . Championship Even photography games, like the last game new pokemon snap. Well, in that aspect, they chose to keep innovating in terms of gameplay, and advertising pokemon unite Last year, the first MOBA of the epic.

This title was developed by TiMi He caused a stir from the very first minute the premiere took place Nintendo Switch, rise like trending on twitter NS Sweeping viewers on Twitch. Is this success simply due to the excitement of a new Pokémon game or is it really that good? This is the question we will try to solve in this analysis.

Addictive free perfect formula

pokemon unite is completely free, like the vast majority of MOBA games, although that’s not the only thing it sounds like, because it includes Micro vectors From which gems can be obtained, which are used to get many things in the game, such as Ways We have Pokemon or even clothesFortunately, though, this It does not bring real advantage ميزة During online games, You will be able to enjoy this game a lot without spending a single euro (Although the Battle Pass It’s so tempting).

The gameplay in Pokémon Unite is Hugely addictive And he’s also innovating when it comes to the MOBA genre. Matches of 10 minutes are intended to score points on the competing bases, and in the end, the team that scores the most points will be the winner; It’s simple but they put it into practice, making games so Entertaining, crazy and dynamic.

In addition, great importance is attached to willsthat will be given Pokemon Advantages, which means that we can customize our character with the ones we like the most, as well as the possibility of improve it little by little, thus increasing the effect of its benefits. All this allows us to develop a file Special Strategy This is completely different from someone else even if they use the same Pokemon.

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We also have a file competitively divided into rangos, and these ranges in lessons. Every time we win, we get one point, and every three points we rise in class. When the maximum class of the respective range is reached, we will ascend, with a limit Distinguished Rank, which only the best will be able to access. This will allow us to set goals in the game, in addition, it will help us to get more rewards at the end of each game.

Visually beautiful, although performance can be improved

Pokemon Unite is a game looks really sharp Both portable mode and TV, something we’re not so accustomed to on the Nintendo Switch, and less so in a game that works in 60 frames. however, Performance is an aspect that needs improvement, since a Big lag in the game menus, which is very annoying, and Decreases in frame rate When there are many Pokemon on the screen (in my case, the drop came to 30-40 fps).

However, this happens frequently when we play Pokémon Unite in Portable mode at 60 framesWhich is why Nintendo recommended us to play at the age of 30, and to be able to reduce the fluidity of the game to our liking from the Settings section. And while there are these specific performance drops, it’s worth noting Didn’t last in time so what It doesn’t get in the way at allSo you don’t have to worry about it either.

Game content is still scarce

In these types of games, it’s normal to see updates regularly that include items, cosmetics, rewards, and characters, and Pokémon Unite offers Very poor content except for the number of characters Available, which is very decent.

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At the moment, there are no more than two maps for each game mode, game modes that are not much different from each other either. On the other side, Ways Available in the store are also few, and There are not even skins for all PokemonMost of them don’t have anything. Despite this (and it is not yet available in Spanish), I do not give it much importance, because it is expected that TiMi will add news in the very near future that will solve this problem, although it is a point that should be highlighted in the game today.

Every Pokemon is unique

In this analysis, we can not fail to mention the amazing work of the developer in Pokemon poses and moves, where you can see that they paid special attention.

Every one of them enjoy it His personality and his way of understanding him, there are different roles that define well the usefulness of each: Attackers, defenders, off-road drivers, runners and support. Also unlock all Pokemon Does not require mandatory investment of money fact. You should have enough coins to get it and although it will take quite a few games, the game itself makes it a lot easier and even gives you a few as you progress through the game.

The only downside I might give him some Pokemon is that They need a better balanceAlthough this aspect is often constantly fixed in style games, I wouldn’t worry too much. In the end, if you coordinate well with your team, victory is almost guaranteed.

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You will need new content regularly

The Pokémon Company had a hard time keeping most of the free video games alive and with a good community, although this case might be an exception. Pokémon Unite is a game with scope AMAZING POSSIBILITIES, although it’s lost at the moment (for obvious reasons, it just came out). If the developer performs Updates and events on a regular basis And it continues over time, it can become a Pokémon Unite A game that reaches the rest of its kind.

Taking all this into account without a doubt It is worth a try, due to a large part of the bugs you are showing today (one day after it was officially released) It will be safely fixed in no time. You can become a Pokémon Unite One of the best games For the Nintendo Switch, although I mentioned above, everything will depend on the content you receive in the future.

Great game well worth it

Conclusion: Pokémon Unite is a semi-circular game, although that could be the case if the Pokémon Company squeezed their full potential. In fact, the end result I gave in this analysis could easily have hit a milestone if you hadn’t provided some of the errors I mentioned above, which doesn’t mean you have to play some games to experience it. dynamic gameplay And all the options it offers a few hours after its launch.

Finally and if you are interested, you can take a look at it All Pokémon Unite news and content from which we publish over here.

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