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WhatsApp trick to see photos deleted by your friends

WhatsApp trick to see photos deleted by your friends

This time we will tell you how to view deleted photos by your friends in the famous a program From The WhatsAppSo keep reading to learn step by step how to do it without a single mistake.

If someone sends you one Photo on WhatsApp and then delete it, no doubt this next trick is especially for you.

In this great app, as you can see, you can share various contents such as videos, GIFs, animated stickers, voice notes and even the funniest memes.

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However, there is a trick that very few users have taken advantage of: related to recovering a photo that your friend, family member, partner or co-worker has deleted.

As you know, the popular WhatsApp application allows you not only to delete sent messages if they have not yet been read, but also photos.

Every time someone uses this tool, you will see that it leaves a trace and you will know that the document has been deleted.

Although there are programs that help you find out exactly what was sent to you, now a very simple trick has been discovered and it is not necessary to use a third party application that largely requests information or permissions requests to access your personal files.

It is worth noting that you have to enable some hidden functions in WhatsApp, but the best of it is that it is legal, so we leave you here all the steps so that you can do it easily.

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Before doing these steps, it is a good idea to always have the latest version of WhatsApp, for this go to Google Play or iOS Store and download the latest update.

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  • To get started, you should go to the WhatsApp settings.
  • There go to Storage and Data.
  • In this section you will see the “Auto Download” tab.
  • There you must click Download photos and videos using data and wifi.
  • With this, when you receive a photo, even if it has been deleted by your friend, it will be downloaded automatically.
  • With this said, there will be no mystery if someone deletes a message.
  • You can see this again on your mobile device spool.

On the other hand, surely you have been using your mobile device and suddenly a WhatsApp notification appears saying “You may have new messages”, and it is strange that you enter the indicated instant messaging app to see if someone has written to you but you can not find anything.

It is true that WhatsApp is a somewhat incomplete and somewhat limited application unfortunately, even its main competitors such as Telegram have tools that Facebook does not have at the moment, one of them is making video calls with more than 30 people using the ability to share screen in the style of Zoom or Google Meet .

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And while this instant messaging service is not perfect, many appreciate its existence and others criticize it for its annoying notifications, one of which is the warning “You may have new messages”, where WhatsApp basically tells you that you haven’t used it and you likely received new messages in that period.

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